No.  Physiotherapists are first line health care practitioners and therefore do not require a medical prescription in order to assess and treat patients.  However, if you would like to use extended health insurance to pay for your physiotherapy treatment, your insurance provider may request a medical prescription.  Please consult your health insurance provider for details of their requirements.

Most private health insurance plans include partial or complete coverage of physiotherapy fees.  We provide receipts that you can submit to your health insurance provider.  Please consult your health insurance plan for details related to your personal coverage.

Initially, the therapist will perform an assessment in order to determine the nature of your pain or reason for consultation.  Based on this assessment, the therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you in order to meet your needs.

Will there be a treatment on my first visit?

Yes, however, in order to maximize the effectiveness of treatments, it is important to complete a thorough assessment.  Therefore, treatment time on the first visit will depend on the time required for the initial assessment.

If you have a doctor’s prescription or test results (X-Ray, MRI, etc) please bring a copy.  In order to make the most of your first appointment, please arrive a few minutes early to complete a medical questionnaire. Alternatively, you may print and complete the questionnaire in advance by clicking here.

Please wear or bring appropriate clothing for the therapist to be able to see and asses the affected area (tank top for neck, shoulder, or arm pain or shorts for low back/leg pain).

The initial assessment is $100.00 (60 minutes) and follow up appointments are $85.00 (45 minutes).